Little Chickpea Jar
I’m just
a Little
& I’m totally
not nuts.
I may
taste nutty.
But I don’t
act nutty.
I’m not a
I’m a whole
new thing.
Little Chickpea button on toast


100% natural
chickpea butter

Our chickpea butter is rich and creamy, tastes familiar yet uniquely different. It’s friendlier to the environment. It’s nicer to water sources. It may taste nutty but it doesn’t act nutty, particularly if you happen to be one of those millions of people allergic to nuts. Little Chickpea isn’t a substitute anything—it’s a whole new thing!
Healthier, more sustainable food is an idea whose time has come.
Little Chickpea button on a spoon

Thanks, nuts.
We’ll take it from here...

Little Chickpea Facts Table
Little Chickpea Nutrition Facts
Little Chickpea Jar
Little Chickpea Jar Back


Roasted Chickpeas, Safflower Oil, Sugar,
Sunflower Lecithin, Tapioca Syrup, Salt. That’s it.

Made with love in a nut-free facility in Portland, Oregon.

Child eating sandwich

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